The adjustment and research for Lulu’s question

My question changed and adjusted from-How can use psychological methods to create visual artecraft for the individuals, which can represent their identities and help them to understand themselves objectively? -to a new question:

How can psychological tests be used to help people to find their identities in relationship and this identity be used into personal product design in China?


Survey research:

By about 10 days online survey(From about 01/06/2018 to 10/06/2018), I get the statistics about how and why people want to understand their identities in China.

About 79 Chinese people answered this survey.  The tables below show the data about the method for these Chinese interviewers to know and understand their identities , and the purpose of them to find their identity.

These Chinese interviewers mainly used  psychological test(65%) to understand themselves (identity) .

the sort of identity concerned the most by Chinese is Love/Relationship/Marriage, which account for  98.7%.  Therefore, this is the reason why I focus on the identity in a relationship in my research question.

The main purposes of these Chinese interviewers to know and understand their identity are- to know the potential problems caused by their identity and to get practical suggestions for their life. which are 56.7% and 58.3% respectively. Regarding to this research, I found the reason why Chinese people need to consult their personal problem and identities.

Link of the survey:


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